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Wishing you all the luck in the land.
Leprechaun Big Attachment
Gold Small Dot Big Happy Everything! Round Platter on Plate Stand with Leprechaun Big Attachment
Leprechaun Big Attachment
Leprechaun Mini Attachment
Neutral Stripe Mini Frame with Leprechaun Mini Attachment
Leprechaun Mini Attachment
Leprechaun Hat Big Attachment
Leprechaun Hat Big Attachment and Mini Attachment
Leprechaun Hat Big Attachment
Leprechaun Hat Mini Attachment
Black Stripe Medium Mini Nesting Cube with Leprechaun Hat Mini Attachment
Leprechaun Hat Mini Attachment
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Four Leaf Clover Big Attachment
Four Leaf Clover Big Attachment
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Black Small Dot Big Entertaining Round Serving  Platter
Big Entertaining Round Platter with Small Black Dots and Pirate Flag Big Attachment
Black Small Dot Big Entertaining Round Platter
Black Small Dot Big Oval Vase with Hook-and-Loop Fastener
Date Night Big Attachment on Black Small Dot Oval Vase
Black Small Dot Big Oval Vase
Black Stripe Big Happy Everything! Round Serving Platter
Black Stripe Big Round Serving Platter with Luggage Big Attachment
Black Stripe Big Happy Everything! Round Platter
White with Black Stripe Big Bowl with Hook-and-Loop Attachment
Happy Everything! Big Bowl in White with Black Stripe Design and Apple Big Attachment
Black Stripe Big Happy Everything! Bowl
Black Stripe Big Happy Everything! Square Serving Platter with Signature Hook-and-Loop Attachment
Happy New Year Attachment on Square Serving Platter with Black Stripe Design
Black Stripe Big Happy Everything! Square Platter
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Leprechaun Hat Embellishments


The Best Spaces & Places to Decorate for St. Patrick's Day


Add one of our adorable St. Patrick's Day-inspired Attachments to your favorite Base and place it on a living room shelf for happy in every corner of your home.


Place a lucky charm on your office desk for a happy reminder of this festive occasion!


Serve up your favorites on a festive spread for St. Patrick's Day. Just don't forget the green beer!


pass the brews

Keep your green beers chilled in a festive Big and Mini Bowl and serve up happy at your St. Patrick's Day party!

filled with luck

Collect your shamrocks in a few Nesting Cubes and keep your home feeling lucky!

happy go lucky

Looking for an easy décor solution for St. Patrick's Day? It's simple. Add your favorite Big or Mini Attachment to a festive Platter and consider your space decorated.
You've Struck Gold!
Style your space with a touch of gold this St. Patrick's Day and feel the luck in every corner of your home!
A Bit of Bold
Go the neutral route and pair your gold favorites with our Black Collection for a stylish St. Patrick's Day home.

Decorate for St. Patrick's Day

Let the luck of the Irish fill your home with happy! Our St. Patrick’s Day décor is the perfect addition to any collection of interchangeable holiday decorations, bringing bonny designs onto your favorite Bases with pops of green and lucky four-leaf clovers. Our leprechaun will be the hit of every occasion, playfully perched on Bases and Vases to the delight of your friends and family.

Lucky to Be Attached to You

Attach yourself to festive green St. Patrick’s Day décor and be stuck on happy throughout the season! Delightful pops of green and leprechaun hats with lucky clovers can dance among your Bases, creating a new look for each occasion and keeping the St. Patrick’s Day spirit alive. Everyone is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and with our interchangeable holiday décor, you can embrace your Irish side each and every day!

All the Lucky Spaces

Sprinkle lucky charms throughout your home on St. Patrick’s Day and beyond. Add a festive St. Patrick’s Day attachable design to a Platter or Serving Board and bring happy to the table. Place happy in every space, pairing your serveware with a plate stand to create St. Patrick’s Day décor for your living room bookcases, a mantle, and more.

Be Happy and Chill

Add attachable St. Patrick’s Day décor to a Big Bowl and ice down party beverages or serve up your favorite snacks. Choose from bold stripes to complement our playful St. Patrik’s Day decorations or a neutral background to let your little leprechaun shine. Let our Bowls add a little luck to every celebration – simply add interchangeable holiday décor and let the party begin!

Organize Your Collection

Our Nesting Cubes combine style and function into one happy design! Organize your space or gift a wee shamrock plant in a Nesting Cube to share a lucky obsession with someone special. Combine bold stripes with St. Patrick’s Day décor or subtle dots paired with your little leprechaun, and you’ll have home décor that brings you luck all year long.

Serve Up Luck on a Platter

Our Platters in every shape and color are the perfect complement to interchangeable holiday décor! Let our lucky leprechauns and jaunty top hats bring happy-go-lucky style to all your festive occasions. The designs are easily attachable, creating new looks for every party and eye-catching serveware that is sure to delight your friends and family.

Feeling Gold or Bold

Strike gold in your St. Patrick’s Day décor with stripes and dots that accent white Bases. Or, if you prefer a bit of bold, decorate your space with Bases featuring black stripes, red dots, or happy dots in a variety of colors. Our interchangeable St. Patrick’s Day décor completes the festive look and sprinkles a little luck into every corner of your home.