Hanukkah Attachments

2 products

    2 products
    Blue Menorah Big Attachment
    Blue Menorah Mini Attachment

    Bring the happy to every family gathering and illuminate the special holiday with our Hanukkah Attachments. The perfect addition to any base, these attachments share your happy at intimate gatherings or your local synagogue. Share the eight nights of Hanukkah with family and friends, using these interchangeable Hanukkah decorations for your home, and highlight the importance of this holiday season.

    The beautiful blue and gold attachments add a special touch to your tabletop and bring the meaning of the holiday to each gathering. Affix the Blue Menorah Big Attachment to your favorite Big Platter, and you have ideal serveware for your traditional brisket feast. The Blue Menorah Mini Attachment is perfect for a Mini Nesting Cube overflowing with Hanukkah gelt. The interchangeable Hanukkah decorations can find a home on a picture frame or oval vase throughout the year to honor the traditions of your home all year long.

    Bring happy holiday cheer to all who see the lights of the menorah in your home. Or spread extra happy by personalizing and gifting a Hanukkah Attachment to a member of your synagogue. You will love the sparkling gold and vibrant flames of our Blue Menorah. Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah with your family or an intimate group of friends, our Blue Menorah attachment is a welcome addition to the table.

    Wish your family and friends the peace of the season with our Blue Menorah Hanukkah Attachments!