How Does it Work?

so, how does it work anyway?

Sure, our Happy Everything! by Laura Johnson products are bright and bold and so much fun to display, but they're also incredibly easy to use thanks to a handy dandy {and superbly superior} hook-and-loop backing that makes infinite interchangeable options not only possible, but irresistibly simple.
1. There are Bases

Pick a BIG or MINI base
{We know, it's hard to choose just one.}

2. There are Attachments

Pick a BIG or MINI attachment to match the size of your base
{Again with the tough decisions!}

3. Place Attachment on Base

{It's fun, isn't it?!}

4. Get {completely} attached and do it all over again

With over 80 bases and more than 70 attachments, you can find a little happy in everything!

Happy Everything! Lime Green Silicone Wrap on White Ceramic Mug with Stripes and Dots
Ceramic Travel Mug with Light Blue Stripes and Green and Black Dots
Pogo Happy Everything! Travel Mug
Slim Design Colorful Ceramic Coffee Mug with Light Blue Silicone Lid and Wrap
Happy Everything! Puddle Jump Travel Mug Colorful Design with Silicone Lid and Wrap
Puddle Jump Happy Everything! Travel Mug
Fast Track Ceramic Travel Mug with Pink and White Design, Coral Accents
Coral Silicone Lid and Wrap Fast Track Design Ceramic Mug
Fast Track Happy Everything! Travel Mug
Happy Rainbow Pattern on Ceramic Flow Travel Mug with Yellow Silicone Lid and Wrap
Flow Travel Mug Design with Colorful Rainbow Pattern and Yellow Spill-free Lid with Wrap
Flow Happy Everything! Travel Mug
Pink Ceramic Mug with Soft Red Beaning Design Mint Green Silicone Spill-free Lid and Wrap
Soft Red and Blue Repeating Beaning Design Ceramic Travel Mug
Beaning Happy Everything! Travel Mug