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2 products

    2 products
    Mini Wooden Lid Happy Everything Glass Jar
    Small Mini Wooden Lid Glass Jar

    Declutter your countertops with our collection of Mini Jars. The only thing more important than style in your kitchen is functionality, which is why we offer cute and classy small glass jars to meet all your countertop storage needs. The perfect vessel for fresh coffee beans, tea bags, and your favorite sweet treats, these sophisticated lidded glass jars can also double as ice buckets.

    Looking for that neutral storage solution for pet treats or other tempting goodies that gather on your counter? The Mini Wooden Lid Glass Jar is the perfect chic storage option to complement any style. Add a Mini Attachment, and you can celebrate the happy in each and every day! Looking for an ideal hostess gift? Arrive at the party with our Small Mini Wooden Lid Glass Jar filled with flowers or sweet treats, and you will spread happy!

    All of our Mini Jar designs are totally attachable, so you can add interchangeable seasonal décor for all occasions to your countertop or coffee bar. Each small jar is designed to suit any style in your home and includes a hook-and-loop fastener for easy, interchangeable décor. No matter the use, our small glass jars make for a cheerful and chic countertop storage solution. Store your famous chocolate chip cookies with ease in the Mini Cookie Jar and fill your smallest spaces with happy!

    Get happy with our versatile Mini Jars that complement any home décor!