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    Help celebrate the milestone of a new home with interchangeable décor from our New Home Collection. Gift function and style that attaches to any base to create décor that makes a house a home. Personalize the gift with the date to remember and take the sentimental value to the next level.

    Bring the new homeowner fresh flowers in a White Small Dot Big Oval Vase with the House Welcome Big Attachment and watch happy smiles move in. Personalize the Neutral Stripe Big Wooden Wreath with their name and add the Welcome Big Attachment to create ideal décor for the new front door. A new home is a wonderful milestone to celebrate, and there is always room for stylish home décor!

    You will love how easy it is to find the perfect gift for the new homeowner! They will be delighted by the function and beauty of each piece that easily changes themes for every occasion. You may have started them on a new obsession, but they will forgive you each and every day when they are using their stylish décor from Happy Everything!

    Help them make their house a home with functional and stylish designs from Happy Everything!