Cinco De Mayo

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    We are all in search of a little fiesta on Cinco de Mayo. Bring the party to your house with stylish and functional pieces that offer interchangeable décor to turn up the heat on the 5th of May! Delight your party guests with home décor that celebrates the happy occasion with enthusiasm.

    It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere on Cinco de Mayo, so have your Salted Margarita Big Attachment front and center on your Happy Dot Big Happy Everything! Bowl with plenty of adult beverages on ice. Delight your guests with Mini Bowls of chips and salsa throughout the house. With the Salted Margarita Mini Attachment on each bowl, you are sure to keep the party going! Let your host know their Cinco de Mayo party was second to none by leaving a personalized Big Bowl with a party attachment for them to use at all their gatherings in the future.

    At Happy Everything!, we love a festive party, and one way to make everyone happy is with stylish décor. So, make sure you invite all your Big and Mini Bases with interchangeable décor for every occasion. Celebrate the happy in each and every day with family, friends, and fabulous designs to make each moment memorable!

    Keep the happy in Cinco de Mayo with festive coordinated décor from Happy Everything!