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    Happy Everything! 30” Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Calendar with Gold Frame and Magnets

    Effortlessly organize your life with one stylish hub with the Happy Everything! Thirty Inch Magnetic Dry Erase Wall Calendar with Gold Frame and Magnets. Team Happy Everything! has created a beautiful dry erase calendar with plenty of writing space, twelve-monthly inserts, complete with four attachment magnets to remind you of your appointments, practices, games, and a special don’t forget quote bubble, so you can focus on the happy things in life.

    Designed with functionality and style in mind, this dry erase calendar helps make sure your home is filled with happy while you enjoy all the exciting events on your schedule. Our dry erase magnetic boards are easy to erase, fit our attachments, and are stylish but functional. Keep happy on the schedule with our Dry Erase Wall Calendar!


    •  Metal
    •  32in W x 30in H
    •  Use Dry Erase Marker on the surface only. Wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel. Do not come in contact with sharp objects as the surface may scratch.